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John Cooley
(Sgt. II LAPD retired)

Sergeant John Cooley retired in 2001 after 30 years of service with the Los Angles Police Department. As the Officer-in-Charge of the LAPD’s Employee Assistance Unit from 1992 until his retirement, he served as the department’s funeral coordinator.

As the OIC of the EAU he also managed the department’s honor guard, chaplain’s program, and peer support program, among other responsibilities. He is a Certified Bereavement Facilitator and developed his expertise by coordinating 86 police funerals, including 25 line-of-duty funerals and 22 suicides. He assisted over 300 LAPD employees with planning funerals for parents, spouses, and children.

As a technical reserve and non-clergy member of the Simi Valley, CA Police Department’s Chaplains' Program, he serves as an advisor and provides peer support to agency members.

With over 35 years experience as a teacher and public speaker, including 12 years as a supervisor/instructor at the LAPD academy and 13 years as an LAPD in-service program instructor for a variety of subjects, John has taught at local community colleges, and is certified by the California State Department of Education. He has traveled internationally as an instructor for the U.S. Department of Justice International Investigative Training Assistance Program.

John is also a published author of the most comprehensive resource on public safety funerals available, Planning for the Unthinkable – A Law Enforcement Funeral Planning Guide. He also had articles published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, the National Tactical Officer’s Association, the California Peace Officer’s Association, and the International Conference of Police Chaplains.

John has given 36 presentations in 11 states to municipal, county and state law enforcement agencies. police officer associations and  support organizations. His presentations are tailored to the needs and interests of the hosting agency. Audiences have ranged from agency executives, to chaplains, to members of the public.

For over 25 years, John has helped agencies plan line-of-duty funerals or develop protocols for its response to the unthinkable. His seminars prepare agencies to do funerals not only right, but best.