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Funeral Support

When an agency experiences the death of an officer, especially in the line-of-duty, time is of the essence. Having a professional funeral coordinator as a member of your agency’s planning team can provide the expertise and experience to ensure the planning process progresses with minimal difficulty. John is available 24/7 via telephone to any agency in need of advice or assistance.

John may also be available to come to your agency and join the planning team, depending on time and distance considerations. The sooner he is notified and requested, the more likely that he can respond. Agencies should call John immediately and ascertain his availability to respond to your city and work with your agency’s funeral management team.

Because John is a private contractor, there will be costs for travel, lodging, subsistence and management fees associated with any response to assist an agency with a line-of-duty death. If budgetary constraints are an issue, John will cooperate with any agency and will not arbitrarily decline to respond because of financial issues. For funeral assistance, call John’s cell phone (805) 630-0323. If no answer, leave a message and call his residence (805) 522-4861.