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Our Mission

 After 30 years with the Los Angles Police Department, John Cooley's goal for his life in "retirement" is to train and/or otherwise assist as many agencies as he can in the intricacies of planning and managing dignified, emotionally meaningful public first-responder funerals and memorials.

When a LODD occurs, it is a tragic but also transformational event. Lives are forever changed. Funerals are for the living, not only to help bring closure to one chapter of life and the beginning of the next but to honor the life and service of the deceased. This expression of communal grief also helps survivors feel they are not alone in suffering so great a loss.

Since we only get one chance to say a final goodbye, don't we owe it to the surviving family, agency members and their families and the community to make it an experience that brings comfort and begins the long healing process for those who mourn?

We believe we do. That's why we conduct these seminars and wrote the book.