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Your agency, your protocol. That sounds so simple, but many agencies believe that they can take a protocol from another agency, file it, and when a death occurs, pull it out and be able to manage their funeral. Sadly, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to funeral planning, so they quickly discover that the protocol doesn’t work efficiently for them.

Now is the time to develop an agency-specific protocol. Do it before you need it, because odds are you will need it one day. The Boy Scouts have it right: Be Prepared.

John is available to guide agencies in developing agency-specific protocols. Small and medium-sized agencies that are neighbors should consider merging services and resources by developing a multiple-agency mutual-aid protocol. There aremany options available to ensure agencies are well-prepared for responding to an officer’s death, regardless of the circumstances.

Interested in developing an agency-specific or multiple-agency mutual-aid protocol?
Contact John to discuss the available options.