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What folks say about John's services

February 3, 2014

Sgt. Cooley, I apologize for the lateness in writing this, but I just recently received your name and address. Capt. Lenyi told me that your assistance in planning my son’s, Officer Jon Coutchie’s, memorial service was invaluable! So thank you so very much in all you did to bring about such an amazing service to honor my beloved son. The Laguna Beach Police Dept. continues to be incredibly supportive and for now, it has become my second family.


Luciana Coutchie
A very proud mom


October 28, 2013


I thanked you before, but wanted to say thanks again for all you did in our time of need. We can’t say thanks enough!

Captain Darin Lenyi
Laguna Beach, CA, PD

August 10, 2011

Dear John,

On July 17, 2011, the Simi Valley police Department suffered the loss of one of our officers in a small plane crash. Officer Nicole Anderson and her friend Officer Brian Hayes of the Anaheim Police Department, were killed in the crash. Nicole was a dedicated officer, special friend to many and a recognized peer leader within the Department. The SVPD family she left behind was hard hit with the news of her death but rose to the challenge of assisting Nicole’s family in planning a memorial service.

You provided valuable and timely assistance to our department and to the Anderson Family when we turned to you for assistance with the planning of her memorial service. Had it not been for individuals like yourself, we never would have been able to plan or carry out Nicole’s service and we want to recognize you for this assistance. Please accept this letter with our sincere thanks for being there for us and for Officer Anderson’s family at this difficult time. Your assistance will be greatly remembered.


Mike Lewis, Chief of Police


July 2011

On behalf of my wife Sabrina and I we would like to thank you for putting together the memorial service for my daughter, Simi Valley Police Officer Nicole Anderson. Everyone who attended told me it was the most beautiful event they had ever experienced. Your dedication to perfection showed and we greatly appreciate what you and your staff did.

Nicole was a very caring and compassionate human being who always did the best she could at everything she did. The Simi Valley Police Department and the community lost a great individual who will be hard to replace. We thank you again for all that you did to put together this service.


Alan and Sabrina Anderson


July 2011

We appreciate everything you did to honor Officer Nicole Anderson.

John, thank you very much for the thought and time you put in to help organize Nichole’s memorial service. It was a wonderful service and a great tribute to Nicole.

Nicole’s Grandparents
Bob and Bea Bergman


June 6, 2009

On May 22, the Brea Police Department received word that Police Corporal Shawn Gogerty had passed away. Shawn had been a member of our department for over 18 years, and news of his premature death was a shock to our department.

Shawn’s funeral was the second funeral our agency had to coordinate in the past three months, after the March death of retired officer Keith Watson.

During the planning process for both funerals, Lieutenant Brakebill informed me of the assistance, direction, consultation, and advice you provided for both services. Both deaths were off-duty, and there were questions as to the suitable type of funeral services to be conducted. You offered information to allow our agency to make an informative decision on the appropriate services that ultimately led to respectable and honorable funerals for both officers and their families.

On behalf of the men and women of the Brea police Department and the families of our recently lost officers, please accept my personal thanks for your valuable guidance during an extremely difficult time.

Billy L. Hutchinson, Chief of Police
Brea Police Department 


August 2000

John, thanks again for your kind assistance and patience. You can add 653 people to the list of people you have helped.

Bernard Wilson

Chief of Airport Police
Los Angeles World Airport  


March 27, 2000

Dear Sergeant Cooley,

Your concern and caring on my behalf this last few days has meant more to me than words can express.

This heartfelt Thank You is meant not only for the past few days, but for all the days in the future to come – In my memories of these days, without your kind intervention, I would have felt truly left out and isolated at a time when more than anything I needed to feel included.

I believe that you knew this, and I will be forever grateful for people like you and your staff.

My sincerest appreciation,

Barbara Farley

Unknown date

Dear John,

This has been a very difficult time for me. The books you sent were very helpful, especially the last one. I feel like I have permission to still miss Jill and to cry. I guess I am in a somewhat unique situation, in that my brother, who took his own life at 35 years, and my mother and now Jill are gone. My dad is not well and turning 82 this November. None of us children have children, so the family name ends here and my history is nearly wiped away. I was older. I should have gone 1st. I will probably have to rely on friends to dispose of my belongings and cremate me. I feel sorry for myself a lot. But I really miss Jill so much. Your kindness was greatly appreciated and the books anticipated.

Thank you for being my friend and for caring about someone you met so briefly. You are a very special person and you have made a big difference in my life.

Chris Leverdort

August 5, 2005

Dear John,

On behalf of the officers and members of the International Conference of Police Chaplains, let me express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your willingness to share your expertise with us at the 2005 annual Training Seminar in San Antonio, Texas. As Chair of the Disaster Response Committee, I also want to share with you the compliments expressed by many of our most experienced Chaplains for the professional manner in which you helped them develop the awareness’s they will need to meet the demands of future disaster responses.


Wayne Whitelock


January 23, 2005

Hi John, this is Cindy MacPherson. I wanted to write and say Thank You. I know this may sound weird but you had a way of making me feel safe. John always did that. I needed to know that someone was there for me, whether you meant to or not you helped fill a gap that I didn’t have anymore. I can’t tell you how much that helped me. Things are settling down, my family has gone, all but my brother Robert. The funeral was perfect … I am so proud of all of us. Thank you.

Cindy MacPherson  


March 6, 2005

After 33 years as a Policeman, 16 of those as a police chief, my husband lost his life to cancer. The police dept asked John Cooley to make sure my husband was honored in the way that he deserved. It was the last thing that I could do for him, and it was wonderful. Thank you John for making that day one I can remember with pride.

Cindy MacPherson