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John has over 35 years of training experience in a wide variety of subjects, from funeral planning to cultural diversity. He brings a unique insight to funeral planning. His presentations typically include not only the task-oriented issues associated with police funerals, but he also delves into the often-minimized, or overlooked, people-oriented aspects.  

John has traveled to several states and given numerous presentations to law enforcement organizations and agencies over the last few years. His presentations range from a 90-minute conference workshop to 8-hour training days. Participants included agency managers, chaplains and officers. Anyone interested in or involved with planning a police funeral will find John’s presentations interesting, informative and beneficial. John does more than just speak; he also provides comprehensive handout and resource material for attendees to use in formulating their agencies’ funeral protocols.

Topics of a typical presentation include:

  1. Death Notifications
    1. There is more involved than you think
  2. Multi-Agency – Mutual Aid
    1. Be prepared for the unexpected 
  3. Scheduling the Funeral
    1. Burial vs. closure
  4. Critical Incident Debriefings
    1. Know now, plan now
  5. Strategic Planning Teams
    1. 12 Important positions
  6. Traditional Services
    1. Meeting the needs of the family, agency, and the law enforcement community
  7. Honors Ceremonies
    1. Traditional honors and non-traditional requests
  8. Special Circumstances
    1. Funerals for females, retirees, K-9’s, and civilians 
  9. Suicides
    1. More officers die from suicide than in the LOD
  10. Agency Protocols
       a. Your agency, your protocol

Law enforcement organizations interested in inviting John to give a presentation or training day can contact him directly through this website. Although a private contractor, John occasionally gets corporate sponsors to support and help defray the costs involved in putting on presentations and training sessions. So anyone interested in having John attend a conference or provide a training session should contact him to determine the potential costs involved.

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