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Let's be honest. Nobody likes to contemplate their own or a loved one's death, untimely or otherwise. Especially not cops, who stare down the grim reaper every single day.

That makes training on planning and managing law enforcement funerals a tough sell. Just like marketing life insurance to young adults, they don't think they need it. Until they do.

We provide training seminars for law enforcement agencies on how to plan for the "unthinkable" and manage the aftermath. The curriculum used in the seminars, which are conducted by a retired veteran LAPD funeral coordinator (over 80 police funerals), has been approved for continuing education credit in several states, and is based on the book Planning for the Unthinkable: A Law Enforcement Funeral Planning Guide, authored by the presenter, John Cooley, and a long-time aide.

A line-of-duty death is a paradigm-shifting event.
For those directly impacted by it, life will never be the same.

There are many time-critical "moving parts" to a police funeral and they won't fall into place by themselves. They require coordination. Preplanning and training are necessities, albeit unwelcome ones, that can be the difference in whether mourners leave feeling emotionally soothed and uplifted or wondering who to blame for the embarrassing fiasco.

We are available 24/7/365 so that no agency experiencing a LODD has to go through the planning phase alone. Hand-holding is part of our job description!

There are no do-overs! We give agencies and individuals the knowledge to do it 'best,'

We get one chance to say that final goodbye, which draws together the many diverse groups the officer touched in some way. A well-planned and executed public expression of grief and remembrance can help everyone, surviving family, agency members and the community begin to find closure and healing.